Wed 8 Aug 2018 / Storytelling at La Mort Subite

Club meeting of Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Start: 19:30
Venue: A la Mort Subite, Warmoesberg / Rue Montagne-aux-Herbes Potagères 7, 1000 Brussels

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Are you craving for a summer evening with advanced speeches, advanced evaluations plus an advanced choice of Gueuze and other draft beers? The Artful Orators cater for all of that on Wednesday, 8 August! Moreover, you will enjoy a storytelling game, hosted by our club President, Martin Jugmans.

For our second summer meeting, we chose a particularly soulful venue: A la Mort Subite, a Brussels bar that only changed its decor as recently as… 1928! The place comes with a story that goes back more than a hundred years.

Around 1910, Théophile Vossen ran a bar called A la Cour Royale, close to the head office of the National Bank. At that time, the Bank had only a few counters, so waiting times could be long. Stockbrokers and other clients used to wait at Mr Vossen’s bar, killing time by drinking beer and playing a popular dice game. The loser was called ‘the dead man’. When a player saw that it was his turn to go to the counter of the National Bank, he ended his game with a quick strike, called ‘sudden death’, or ‘mort subite’ in French. This habit became so popular that Mr Vossen decided to rebrand his bar to A la Mort Subite. He even gave the same name to the gueuze beer that was produced in his brewery.

In 1928, the bar was moved to another house in the neighbourhood, but the famous name A la Mort Subite remained. The National Bank’s customers have disappeared, but Olivier and Bernard Vossen, Théophile’s greatgrandsons, continue to serve Mort Subite beer in the interior that is now a listed monument. A la Mort Subite is more alive than ever!

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