TEDx has become an iconic speaking forum for innovative ideas which need to be communicated well in order to achieve the influence they deserve. Artful Orators supports TEDx and has invited a number of people preparing for TEDx events to visit the club and gain insights from the communication experts at Artful Orators about how they might improve the presentation of their speeches for the challenge ahead.

As always, we will have the usual challenging features for everyone there – impromptu speaking, audience participation, prepared speeches – this is an event for those who are serious about gaining deeper insights into more meaningful speaking.  In every meeting at Artful Orators, we learn more about the art of public speaking – meetings are, and this is an understatement perhaps, very diverse.

Our big focus this time will be on evaluating. All over the world, there are misunderstandings between governments and peoples, bosses alienated from their staffs and divisions within families because of problems with giving feedback – it is a skill worth developing to a very high level and it needs specific focus. As toastmasters, we want to give seriously good evaluations – this is a key skill of public speaking in its own right – how can we connect to people in a way that opens their minds to our feedback rather than locks them in defensiveness? That is the challenge for all evauluators. Join us on 14 March and lets practice this skill.



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