Find your voice through storytelling

Meeting of Wednesday, 11 October 2017
Start: 19:30
Venue: Het Goudblommeke In Papier / La Fleur en Papier Doré
Pre-meeting dinner starting 18:00
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Our next meeting focusses on storytelling as a vehicle for voice, as a way to convey experience, as a way to live the experience.

Laced into our regular programming, Patrice Blanchard will lead us through an hour-long workshop on storytelling. As he says, “Most of us like to tell stories and to hear good ones too. The purpose of stories is usually to entertain the viewers or distract them. Stories can also be used to teach or to create interest in a subject. Telling stories is also an effective tool to influence and convince people. Marketers have long understood this and so have great leaders. Good stories are an extremely powerful way to inspire an audience and to stir people to action.”

Join us to explore the elements of a great story that has the power to influence people. If you can tell stories and if you want to learn how to influence people with them, attend this workshop.

Patrice is a professional speaker and storytelling workshop leader. He has been a successful senior project manager for 30 years, managing large projects internationally in Benelux, France, UK, and USA. He worked in areas as varied as railways security, internet banking, business intelligence, even radiology. This experience feeds his storytelling approach. He believes that human development and humour are the basic foundations for a project, hence he performs regularly as a standup comedian and uses these skills to explain project management and personal development. His approach relies on outrageous humor, good old common sense and respect for the process and its participants. Patrice is the author of the book 10 Ways to be Hated as a Project Manager.

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  • If you are a member of Artful Orators or another Toastmasters club, please register on easy-Speak.
    Please indicate if you wish to deliver and/or evaluate a speech or take up another meeting role.
  • If you are new to Toastmasters, you are most welcome to be our guest. Just send us an email to tell us that you will attend. Please note that guests pay 5 euro to cover costs of room rental. Members have it all included in the fees!

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