Join our 3rd Summer Speakers’ Corner on Sunday, 20 August

For the 3rd consecutive year, the Artful Orators invite you to share fresh air, fresh food and fresh ideas in the Parc Royal / Warandepark of Brussels. Bring your picnic and your point-of-view. We will provide the soapbox!

What is Speakers’ Corner?

Speakers’ Corner in London is well known as the home of free speech, where everyone can get on their soapbox and make their voice heard. Whether anyone will listen is of course another matter. Now imagine that in Brussels’ Parc Royal / Warandepark, with you on the soapbox!


Toastmasters, family & friends!


Sunday, 20 August from 14:00 until 17:00
Anyone can step onto the soapbox at anytime, so come early and stay long!


In the Parc Royal / Warandepark, Brussels
Find the pavilion in the center of the park. When you are facing the pavilion stairs, walk 100 meters to the right and see fellow Toastmasters in the treed triangle of grass.

Rain or shine!

We have an indoor plan B, which will be posted at the pavilion if need be.

What to bring?

A blanket, a biscuit, a fine flavoured picnic, drinks to share, perhaps a folding chair. But no glass is permitted within the park perimeter! Above all, do pack a point of view — we want to hear from you!

Register now!

  • If you are a member of Artful Orators or another Toastmasters club, please register on easy-Speak.
    Please indicate if you wish to deliver and/or evaluate a speech or take up another meeting role.
  • If you are new to Toastmaster but you want to discover Toastmasters in the wild, you are most welcome to be our guest. Just send us an email to tell us that you will attend.



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