Powerful Visuals

Meeting of Wednesday, 12 April 2017
Start: 19:30
Venue: Het Goudblommeke In Papier / La Fleur en Papier Doré
Pre-meeting dinner starting 18:00

As an Artful Orator, you know visuals are like having a second presenter on stage. You’ve worked on overcoming the common obstacles and on delivering a good presentation. But what about going further than that and reaching for the top of the mountain?

In his workshop on Powerful Visuals, Alexis Brouard will provide you with three travel companions which will help you move forward on the journey towards powerful visuals:

  • a backpack full of tools, principles and tricks;
  • a compass to know what to reach for;
  • and a map to weave it all together.

To name just a few of the topics that Alex will tackle:

  • Graphic design principles for non-designers (including most seen mistakes)
  • Before/after comparisons of visuals (including charts)
  • Simple yet powerful Powerpoint tricks on manipulating pictures
  • Weaving visuals into a story or theme (including the identification of visuals to use during preparation).

Alex’ workshop on Powerful Visuals is this month’s Artful Orators Special, the highlight of our monthly club meeting. Furthermore, you will be treated to prepared speeches from advanced Toastmasters manuals, followed by cutting edge feedback.

If you’d like to join us on 12 April, please register on easy-Speak.
Please note that guests pay 5 euro to cover costs of room rental. Members have it all included in the fees!


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