The Sound of Musicals

Meeting of Wednesday, 14 December
Start: 19:30
Venue: Het Goudblommeke In Papier / La Fleur en Papier Doré
Pre-meeting dinner starting 18:00

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Breath. Voice. Song. Speech.

Did you ever wonder what makes the Musical genre so popular with audiences? Did you ever wonder what benefits an exploration of this question can provide to speech makers? Well, we think that it is the musical’s integration of story, meaning, voice and movement that is the secret of its success.

We also believe that these ingredients can help us become more effective speakers. Why? Because resonance with music and voice connects us to ourselves, to our very core.


We welcome you to attend the Artful Orators December Meeting “The Sound of Musicals” where we will play with breath, voice, song and speech. Our hope it that during this evening, you will experience and connect to your voice and body in a deeper way, which will have a positive effect on your speaking voice and the delivery of your message.

We invite you to join us for an experiential workshop that will raise your awareness of the links between breath, voice and hearing, feeling and meaning, song and speech.

Be ready to explore your voice and sing with the help one or two of the following songs:

Singing in the Rain (American in Paris)
— Gene Kelly:

Somewhere over the rainbow (Wizard of Oz)
— Judy Garland: 

— Frank Sinatra:

Ol’ Man River (Show Boat)
— Paul Robeson:

Do Re Mi (Sound of Music)

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