Division B heads for Amsterdam

Our fan club and coaching team is pulling together to support the Division B contestants in Amsterdam. Do reach out to the following people to offer your support in making them (and our Division) shine:

  • DistrictConfAmsterdamThe English Humorous Speech Contest will be chaired by our very own Daniel Mouqué and will showcase, among others, Colm Kehoe who will be representing us as well as the Blackforest club. Semi: Friday, 17:30 ♦ Final: Saturday, 16:30
  • The English Table Topics Contest will see Jo Ann Broger strut her stuff, as she has so often done in her home club, Brussels Toastmasters. ♦ Saturday, 9:00
  • The Spanish Humorous Speech Contest will see Nuria Soler Aguilar take her speech from EIB in Luxembourg to represent us at District 59. ♦ Friday, 15:00
  • The Dutch Humorous Speech Contest will feature Renaat Toppets doing our Flemish speakers proud, as well as his home club in Hasselt. ♦ Friday, 15:00
  • In his workshop, Lars Sudmann will help us learn from high performance leadership strategies to make personal plans. ♦ Friday, 13:30
  • Agnes Tarnai will chair a forum for professional trainers and speakers. ♦ Friday, 12:30
  • Agnes Tarnai will also moderate a Q&A with our Spring District 59 & 95 winners Antonio Meza & Thomas Rose. ♦ Sunday, 9:00
  • Jeffer London will facilitate a workshop on dialogue and how to be a catalyst for conversation. ♦ Sunday, 9:00

You can see the entire programme on the Conference website.


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