Artful Orators offer more than a hand


While the Artful Orators did not put any members forward in the Autumn 2015 “Hands Up for Laughter” Division Contest, they still managed to be omnipresent in this event. Our members were on stage receiving awards, representing their home clubs, coaching contestants and running the show. Here are some of the precious moments.


Agnes Tarnai received her Distinguished Toastmaster award and reminds us that “it is all about service.”

Jeffer London receiving the Outstanding Toastmaster Award from District 59 PR Director Nelson Emilio.

Jeffer London received the Outstanding Toastmaster award for “building our Toastmasters community” from Nelson Emilio, District 59 Public Relations Manager.


Colm Kehoe won the English Humorous Speech Contest on behalf of Blackforest Toastmasters.

Jo Ann Broger won the English Table Topics Contest on behalf of Brussels Toastmasters.

Carsten Wendt took second place in the English Humorous Speech Contest on behalf of Brussels Toastmasters.

Ian MacBeath took second in Table Topics and third place in the English Humorous Speech Contest on behalf of Toastmasters Antwerpen.


Division Director Sandra Lizioli lead the event, setting the tone for going “above and beyond.”

Hilary Peden played her Area Director role and helped organize the event.

Wim Wottiez was Contest Master for the Dutch Contests.


Bess Stonehouse worked with and translated for our guest improv workshop leader, Belina Raffy.

HUFL_DanielcheeringDaniel Mouqué coached contestants and cheered them on.

Manie Conradie, in his function of District 59 Program Quality Director, took questions on education and supported the contest.

Egwin Gonthier, as president of the hosting Antwerp club, was the first volunteer and the last at the bar.





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